Safety of motorists on Interstate 75 a major point of emphasis in Georgia

Interstate 75 is one of the most-traveled roads in Georgia. The busy roadway runs north and south throughout the entire state, covering nearly 360 miles. Multiple lanes have been added near major cities in an effort to ease some of the congestion that impacts motorists each day during peak driving times.

With so much traffic on the road, it is not surprising that a fair number of auto accidents occur on I-75 each year. Officials have long expressed concern over these crashes, and have been studying ways in which they can make this highway safer for motorists. Recently, Georgia law enforcement agencies, including the Georgia State Patrol, worked together with police departments in other states on an initiative called "Staying Alive on 75."

This campaign increased police presence on the roadway in some of the most dangerous areas. Police were looking for drivers engaged in potentially unsafe driving behaviors, including speeding or texting while driving. As the busy summer driving season approaches, law enforcement may continue these efforts to keep the number of accidents down.

The initiative comes after a report by, which stated that Georgia had the 14th worst drivers in the country. The study ranked drivers based on a variety of factors, including fatalities in the region, failing to obey traffic safety laws and the amount of individuals receiving tickets for these offenses.

The results have led to some discussions about some of the potential changes that might be introduced to decrease the risk of accidents for motorists. Many of these crashes have been blamed on distracted driving, meaning that law enforcement may begin to take a much more aggressive approach when dealing with motorists suspected of texting while behind the wheel.

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