New Client Forms


Thank you for giving us this opportunity to help you with your legal matter. Please complete this form prior to your appointment and return it to our receptionist. These worksheets are intended to organize personal and financial information about you and your spouse or ex-spouse to assist you in preparing for a divorce, legitimation, custody or child support modification.

This worksheet allows you to organize and present the information that you should provide to an attorney and/or a court in order to receive a divorce, legitimation or custody/child support modification. The Worksheet will ask for the information that an attorney will need from both you and your spouse/ex-spouse before the attorney can prepare or respond to a petition. Therefore, it is most efficient to prepare the Worksheet before your initial meeting with your attorney.

The Worksheet will ask for information about your and your spouse, including work experience and education/training. The Worksheet will also ask about any children the couple may have, either resulting from the marriage or from outside of it. Also, a complete schedule of the couple's financial assets and liabilities will be requested.

The Worksheet is not a binding agreement or a contract. Therefore, it does not need to be signed, witnessed or notarized.

Retainer Agreement

You should always enter into a written fee arrangement with your lawyer. Often called retainer agreements or representation agreements, these contracts set out the terms of the lawyer-client relationship.

The cost of any Georgia family law case is almost impossible for lawyers to determine up front, even after an initial interview with a client. so many different factors can influence the total expense, from the complexity and novelty of the issues presented, to the way in which the opposing party approaches his or her position in the case. Sometimes cases that start out simply may become complex as the parties go through the discovery process.

When a client hires our firm for representation in a family law matter, he or she pays a retainer. Each client reviews and signs a fee arrangement that details how, when, and why we bills. We encourage reasonable settlement of cases to keep costs down, but that doesn't mean that we settle at any cost. Our lawyers are skilled advocates who always keep your best interest in mind when handling the issues that matter most to you.